The Return to Antarctica

Conservation // Krill overfishing

Captain Peter Hammarstedt and his team from Sea Shepherd Global embarked on a mission to the Antarctic to raise awareness about the extensive overfishing of krill. These crustaceans, just a few centimetres in size, serve as the primary food source for whales, penguins, seals, and seabirds. Additionally, they play a crucial role in the Antarctic ecosystem by sequestering substantial amounts of carbon dioxide through their excretions.

However, this ecosystem is now in danger due to the industrial fishing of krill. At the moment the law is still on the side of the industry, but the conservationists want to change that as soon as possible. Therefore the Sea Shepherd Global Team, led by Peter Hammarstedt and his colleague Alistair Allan from the Australian Bob Brown Foundation, have returned to Antarctica. They want to shed light on this problem and strive to curb industrial krill fishing activities.

"We have to change the laws." – Peter Hammarstedt

Film Facts

Length: 20 min (Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR edit)
Tour: Volume 10
Direction: Robbie Newby
Production: 2023, bigSMALL TV, Sea Shepherd Global
Tracklist: Alive (Vesky); Bayt Lahm (Ryan Taubert); Against Time (Bytheway-May); Blackest Hand - Instrumental (Saint Mesa); Searching for eternal (Christian Wade); Genesis (David A. Molina); We Rise (Generdyn); Where is Hope (Salomon Lightelm); Under the Waves (Svvn); Playling with Fire - Instrumental (Warcub); Signal Lost (Ryan Taubert); Ritual (Ryan Taubert)

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