Born to Windsurf


"When you compete, winning is the only thing that matters."

That is Bjørn Dunkerbeck's motto. He has won a total of 42 windsurfing world championship titles, but can he still do more? Now, at the age of 51 he wants to give it another go and is aiming for a new world speed record.

In BORN TO WINDSURF, we follow him to Namibia, where he will attempt to break 100 km/h on a windsurfer at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge. Also competing at world-class level is his son Liam, who is following in his father's sporting footsteps.

"When you compete, winning is the only thing that matters." – Björn Dunkerbeck

Film Facts

Length: 25 min (Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR edit)
Tour: Volume 10
Direction: Gerald Salmina
Production: 2023, Austria, Planet Watch
Tracklist: The Morning After (Mindsnooker); Drone Desert, Attack Fusion, What a Sunny Day, Gogo, The Doc, Score Luderitz, WSC 2019 PT1, The Bath, World Speed Challenge, Tension, Manaslu-Ost, WSC 2021 PT11, Monochrome, Curiosity, Chance PT1, Snow, Chance PT5, The Sky is Falling, Archive PT1, New Vox (all: Manfred Plessl)

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Recommended by SURF
Recommended by SURF