Older Than Trees

Environmental protection

Sharks and rays have been around for over 400 million years. Some species were swimming in the oceans before there were any trees on earth. But these ancient species are in danger. Marine biologist James Lea has focused his research on sharks for the past 20 years and has witnessed a precipitous population decline during this short time. These marine animal populations are suffering from large-scale hunting and are unable to recover.

How can we reverse this trend? This is the question that has been driving James Lea for years. He wants to find out how healthy ecosystems function and which areas should be designated as marine protected areas so the animals can live in peace again and the ocean is in restored to its natural balance. OLDER THAN TREES tells the story of his research and his successes in establishing marine protected areas, aptly known as Hope Spots.

Film Facts

Length: 17 min
Tour: Volume 10
Direction: Pippa Ehrlich
Production: 2023, South Africa, Save Our Seas Foundation in collaboration with Sea Change Project
Tracklist: Mind Blowingly Awesome (Sven Faulconer); Older Than Trees (Sven Faulconer); Condolence (Benjamin Clementine); The Red Sea (Sven Faulconer); Shifting Baselines (Sven Faulconer); How Can We Make A Difference (Sven Faulconer); Welcome to d'Arros (Sven Faulconer); Tracking (Sven Faulconer); The Atol (Sven Faulconer); The Next Generation (Sven Faulconer); A Great Milestone (Sven Faulconer); Ocean Tree (NU, Raz Ohara, JO.KE, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Johannes Laumer, Feathered Sun)

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